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White Belt Syllabus

White belt is your first syllabus and we focus on wrist grabs and learning to maintain distance.

Yellow Belt Syllabus

Yellow belt continues on from the white belt program with enough to keep you challenged and moving.

Green Tip Syllabus

Green Tip adds a bit more complexity to the moves you have already learned.

Green Belt Syllabus

Green belt ties it all together and introduces basic throwing. You will have enough skills to defend yourself.

Blue Tip Syllabus

Blue Tip is the beginning of the intermediate stage and the moves are really nice and flow very well.

Blue Belt Syllabus

Blue Belt is about learning Ju, the soft supple moves of Jitsu, applying more body motion and less power.

Brown Tip Syllabus

Brown Tip introduces a ground flow that takes you into various ground positions and defences.

Brown Belt Syllabus

At Brown Belt you are introduced to more standing locks and submission moves.

Red Tip Syllabus

Red Tip syllabus covers kick defences designed to break balance with strikes, locks and effective throws.

Red Belt Syllabus

This syllabus is about fine tuning your technique and work to prepare you for your Black Belt grading.

NSW Active Kids

The NSW Government is helping kids get active with the new Active Kids program. Parents, guardians and carers can apply for a $100 voucher per calendar year for each student enrolled in school. The voucher can be used for registration and participation costs for sport and fitness activities.

Esprit Martial Arts is a registered provider and accepts the active kids rebate voucher.

For further details please follow the link below:

Dojo Etiquette

Simple guide to help you get started.

August Newsletter

Esprit Martial Art August Newsletter.

September Newsletter

Esprit Martial Art September Newsletter.


Physical Benefits

  • Self Defence
  • Stranger Danger
  • Bullying
  • Motor Skills
  • Energy Release

Mental Benefits

  • Concentration
  • Self Control
  • Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Focus

Social Benefits

  • Teamwork
  • Friendship
  • Fun
  • Learning Good Manners
  • Awareness of Others

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