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Training your body, mind and spirit via the Northstar Ju Jitsu system means we offer a conscious hub of total personal development. Your Dojo is a place where this ideal must be sacred and all staff represents this promise to clients.
Northstar JJ

Northstar Ju Jitsu is a system where training is from the inside out. By learning how to deal with conflict on a gross level (physical) we transcend the need to fight (eventually) and with the right training commence an inward journey that teaches how to deal with conflict on a subtle level; in grained negative behaviour, habitual habits etc.

For students… this means Northstar Ju Jistu offers more than fitness and self defense training. It offers a way to transform your life – mental attitude and approach to life. It offers community and a sense of belonging. It offers a calm temple from the storm of modern living.

This starts with training the body with the Northstar Ju Jitsu system. Changes to the mind come with progression through the belts becoming calmer, less reactive and more aware.

This opens aspects of life that the client hasn’t contemplated before, areas of experience that transcend the everyday, experiences that are described as spiritual.

Northstar Ju Jitsu is a unique set of self-defence programs for children and adults that integrates traditional elements of ju jitsu, taekwondo, judo and kick boxing. Northstar Ju Jitsu was developed specifically for our hectic modern lives as a practice for self-defence and fitness, but also personal growth.

To hear about the benefits of training with Esprit Martial Arts and the Northstar Ju Jitsu system please click the following link:


We have age specific kids’ programs at Esprit. Our trainers are black belts who lead by example and we aim to have no more than 7 kids for every trainer. This ensures a focussed hands on experience for your children and a significant learning outcomes.

Feel free to click through the overviews below for the age group that is relevant to you child for a detailed explanation of the many benefits of martial arts training…and visit our timetable page for more details.

Bright Stars (5 – 8 years old)

The Bright Stars program focuses on all the things they need to grow physically, mentally and socially. We also make sure every student is getting the attention they need. The aim is to develop the habits of winners early. Children learn that consistent attendance creates perseverance and the ability to overcome difficulties.

Super Stars (9 – 14 years old)

istock_000007191757small-e1396268750931The Super Stars program has been especially developed for 9 – 14 year olds as they move into adolescence. We also make sure every student is getting the attention they need. We also work with children to overcome difficulties that may foster negative behaviour that is sometimes a factor in teenage years.

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Courage comes in many forms....sometimes just coming to class takes courage, as does getting ready for only takes one step at a time.
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Courage takes so many forms. Having courage is being brave enough to face up to what we fear and moving forward into the unknown. Quite often students come to me and say they would like to try sparring but fear it. I tell them that I was always afraid before every competition and sparring session. But I did not move away from the fear or let it control me. If we don't constantly look for new challenges where there is an element of the unknown then we are constantly moving away from fear and we never have the opportunity to face situations with courage....we are not willing to take a risk. No risk no gain….Andy

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Thanks to Quantum Martial Arts for the Green Belt plus intensive on Saturday.
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Reminder - time to have a real go at your syllabus with the Green Belt to Brown Tip Intensive. Saturday 18 November at 3.00pm – 4.30pm. Cost is $40. Black Belts train for free. It counts for two sign-offs. Please register via email at Green Belt, you start moving away from “create distance and escape” to really breaking balance hard with techniques that are powerful, direct and efficient. This includes strikes, throws, joint breaks and submissions. Northstar Ju Jitsu was developed from Taekwondo, Kickboxing (including Muay Thai), Tenjin Shin-yo Ryu Ju Jutsu (from which Judo was developed), Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu (from which Aikido was developed) and Systema (the martial arts taught to the Russian Special Forces). By combining the best parts of these powerhouse systems, we are able to deliver you a highly effective martial arts system….and intensive.This session will be perfect for grading preparation, or as intensive for those wishing to improve their technique. The focus will be purely on multiple defence, self defence and ground defence from Green Belt to Brown Tip. If you are Brown Belt+, this will be a great revision (as you know you need to know this for your belt levels).p.s. If you are going for the Blue Belt to Red Belt grading and you have not done the pre-assessment by me, this session will be the perfect time to do so. We will also be able to help you correct any areas of weakness.

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